20th Anniversary Celebration

We are celebrating #20YearsOfParrandas – our 20th Anniversary as a group.  The celebration, however, will not be complete without YOU our family, friends, and followers.

To make sure you are not left out, however, you need to purchase your admission tickets, either in person (from any of us) or online by clicking on the button below​.

This is where the map comes in.

Join Our Virtual Celebration

You can be part of Our Virtual Celebration Wall!  

We hope you are able to come and celebrate in style in person by attending our November 18th party.  However, if you are unable to do so, you can also be part of our celebration by posting a message via your social media feeds.

It is simple, follow these steps:

  1. ​​Post a video, tweet, photo or any other message to either your Twitter or Instagram account
  2. Keep it simple, be creative. It can be as simple as “Happy Anniversary guys” or a selfie with us – we are easy like that.
  3. Make sure you tag your message with the hashtag #20YearsOfParrandas
  4. Ensure you are creative, respectful and wait for us to find your post and publish it

All tagged posts will be crawled daily (sometimes multiple times a day) and published on our Virtual Celebration Wall.

Optional, tell a story. 

Tell us a personal story about you and Los Parranderos. I.e. when was the first time you saw us and where? How did it make you feel when you first saw us?

If you are a member of the group, what does it mean to you to be singing with us? If you are not a current member (but were at one point), what did you join?

There are many ways to join in the celebration – make sure you are part of it!